About me

To start with I was all about “why am I so unhappy?” but in the gradual working out of that knotty question I got interested in what makes others tick. Eventually this led me to a training in counselling. Along the way I have taught music,  worked for my faith community and supported people on the autistic spectrum. What has connected all these experiences together has been Mindfulness which I learned here in Glasgow in the early 80s and which I continue to find both essential and practical in my own life as well as in my counselling work. The counselling course helped me to dig rigorously and deeply into my understanding of myself and others. And it also gave me, not just faith, but living evidence of how we really can come into more true and satisfying relationship with our own self.

I also have interest and experience in small and larger group process work.

From October 2013 – December 2018 I worked as a part-time volunteer counsellor at the Tom Allan Centre.


Advanced Diploma in Counselling: College of Holistic Medicine Glasgow (chmtherapies.co.uk)

Certificate in stress management and personal well-being (as above)

Postgraduate certificate in secondary education (Jordanhill College)

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