Coming for counselling

We all tend to think that we should be able to cope – in our society there is still a lot of pressure to ‘just get on with it’. So taking the decision to have counselling can be a challenging  one to make. The great thing about it is that the relationship with your counsellor is different to any other in your life as it gives you a confidential space which supports you to explore freely.* My job in the sessions is to  work alongside you so that you build a deeper understanding of yourself. When we understand ourselves more deeply then change can start to happen.

My approach to counselling is integrative which means I  use  skills and strategies  from different models including person-centred, gestalt and CBT. This means that I can use whatever seems most appropriate for you.

There is no hard and fast rule for how many sessions you may want to come to. I find it’s best to agree a provisional number at the first session for example four or six  sessions and then review as we go along so that you can keep in charge of a sense  of what seems right for you. People usually come weekly or fortnightly but it is really up to you in terms of what you can manage and what feels effective for you.

I work face to face and when necessary online and I am available Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Last apppointment on Tuesdays is 3.30pm and on Wednesdays is at 5.30pm. I can sometimes offer 5.30pm appointments on a Tuesday online.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

* Confidential except if I am concerned about the safety of yourself or another when I would need to contact an outside agency. In almost all situations I would only do this having consulted with you first.